Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Eden to Port Hacking

Well, hello folks. Now lets see...where were we...

We left Eden at 0700 on Sunday 18th March and arrived in Bermagui at the previously mentioned respectable hour of 1445. Good sail in 5-15kn SSE picking up to 20kn an hour from Bermagui. Lovely goose wing for half the journey and nestled in comfortably next to Glenshiel at the wharf. Next day we met up with the first of John's great family, Jane(Johns aunty) and her friend Trish. Had a lovely lunch at the Co-op cafe and some interesting and stimulating conversation as well as some Bowen Therapy and Emmett Technique for me. The waiter wanted to line up for some treatment as well!

Sorcerer rafted up to Glenshiel at Bermagui Fishermans Wharf

John and I with Trish and Jane

That afternoon John and I walked to Blue Pool, the beautiful ocean baths at the other end of town. As I got in, some locals told me to be very careful as the waves that break over the side can easily suck you back out. I very sensibly hung onto the handrail and only just got out in time!

...hang on to that handrail...

...phew...just in time! Ocean Baths at Bermagui
Next day we caught up with John's cousin Adriene and Eric, who live nearby, and with Jed and Jude had a morning cuppa at 'Mr Jones' Cafe where the coffee was excellent and the seating was rudimentary and relaxed.
Coffee at Mr Jones'

This was followed by a drive (funny being in a car again!) through picturesque rolling farmland to Central Tilba in the foothills of Mt Gulaga (Mt Dromedary) for lunch and a casual stroll amongst the colourful and interesting shops and historic buildings. The caretaker of 'Pams Store' was very excited to talk to us about his upcoming wedding anniversary holiday to Tasmania when he heard where we were from. We especially like this little place because our very good friends Karen, David, Hannah and Alice have a dog named Tilba who we dearly love as well.
Central Tilba Town Hall
The Dromedary Pub, Central Tilba

Temporary caretaker of 'Pams Store'
Teapots on the gate inform  you of the Tilba Teapot Cafe

Restored milking sheds

Shops above and lunch spot in Tilba

En route to Jervis Bay (home of HMAS Creswell Naval Base).  Jervis Bay is a funny combination of National Park, Naval Base and artillery range.  Left on Friday 23rd March. Had a beautiful sail up the coast, past some old favourite stomping(surfing and bushwalking)grounds of Johns. Years ago when we first met, John introduced me to the beautiful Budawangs and showed me North Durras where he spent many family holidays. It was great to see them from the sea.
Pigeon House and the beautiful Budawangs
North Durras with Point Upright

Grasshopper Island off Depot Beach

...someone has to do it!

Point Perpendicular from Hole in The Wall-Jervis Bay

Pristine beaches and deliciously warm water for swimming

The beautiful beach with  Hole in the Wall at the end of it

Honeymoon Bay, don't be fooled...just keep an eye on the kids!
Campers...cash...caution...parking...(read the fine print)...Live Bombs and Laser Hazard!

We departed for Port Hacking at first light on Friday the 30th March. Arrived at Jibbon Beach at sunset and settled in for the night in preparation for our arrival in Sydney. Our stay in Jervis Bay would not have been so easy if it had not been for Tony who showed us around and made us feel very welcome. Good luck with your boat finding Tony and thankyou very much for your hospitality.

Other ocean users off Wollongong. These were spread out along 15 miles!

En route to Port Hacking, just south of Wollongong...it was just one of those days.


  1. Dear Miff & John
    'Someone has to do it' - indeed!
    Another superb post. Reading it is the next best thing to travelling with you. If fact it is like travelling with you. Beautiful photographs too.
    Here in Mole Creek it's been pouring rain the last couple of days, but today - Anzac Day - is warm, sunny and cloudless. So breakfast on the kitchen deck was the order of the day.
    Looking forward to your next Sorcertravels post.
    Take care out there.
    With much love to you both. xx

  2. Hey you two! How's it going? Just talking to Reg & he said you were still in Australian waters. Thought I'd better become a follower so that I can keep track of you!