Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Sydney-Blue Mountains-Broken Bay

Sorry about the delay folks...computer hard drive died and needed replacing by the lovely Mac men in Newcastle!

Now.. we arrived in Sydney on the 31st March. We picked up Peter, John's brother, at Watson's Bay and headed around to Drummoyne to pick up our mooring we had already organised. There we were met by John's younger brother David and John's parents, Michael and Marion. No sooner had we landed and the prawns and champagne were laid out in celebration of our arrival. It was fantastic coming through the heads and heading down the Harbour under the bridge-this is something John had mentioned to me years ago..."one day we'll sail under this bridge in our own boat". Well, there we are!
After celebrations we headed back to Westleigh to John's parents home and spent the next 2 weeks catching up. The following day we popped back to Drummoyne to pick up Jed and Jude to give them lunch and deliver them to the train station to get their flight to NZ. We were going our own way for a week or two. 'GlenshielVII' and 'Sorcerer' were having a well earned rest!
Houses perched on South Head at the entrance into the Sydney Harbour
Sydney Harbour
Vintage 18ft skiffs on the Harbour

We finally made it!

The brothers Fry-Peter (above) and David
John getting down and dirty at Peters place in the Blue Mountains
After spending a few days at Westleigh, we headed up to the Blue Mountains to stay with Peter, Jen and Josh to throw a bit of mud around on the walls of his shed. It was a great change and we had lots of fun.

Handing up a shovelful of mud to Josh and friend

I planted some beans in their garden(nice to get my hands in some yummy organic soil-its been a while!). We also had fun with our great friends Bruce and Alison and their children Bradley and Molly. It was great to see Ben and we had a lovely meal at the Grand View Hotel at Wentworth Falls with Jules and Paola.  Next day we headed back to Westleigh for the night and then back to Sorcerer to continue on our way.

A beautiful day for a climb at Mt York, Blue Mountains.
I have always said he looks good in a hat!
Josh showing us how it is done!

Our dear friends Jules and Paola living now in the Blueys

Kay Cottee's 'First Lady'-I can't believe I went on board and stood behind the wheel!
One of the first books I ever read about sailing was Kay Cottee's 'First Lady'. It was very inspiring and I was able to go on board her boat here in the museum. Kay was the first woman to complete a solo, non-stop and unassisted circumnavigation of the globe on June 5th 1988. She took 189 days to sail more than 22,000 nautical miles in 'First Lady'. We had a great day checking out the Museum of Contemporary Art, Art Gallery of NSW(unfortunately missed seeing the Archibald Exhibition), Maritime Museum(where we had lunch with John's brother Dave, Tatiana and all the children) and the Botanical Gardens.

Henry Moore's 'Reclining Figure'-AGNSW

Frederic, Lord Leighton-1877, 'Athlete Wrestling Python' AGNSW
Following our touristy day in Sydney,  we jumped on board Sorcerer and headed to Broken Bay and into Cowan Creek. The waterfalls were fantastic after all the rain. I managed to pick up some big, fat juicy tiger leeches on my walk to the Rangers Station. Jed, Jude and I had a lovely time picking them off in the outdoor coffee shop after the walk. 3 weeks later they are still itching!
After large amounts of rain, the waterfalls were everywhere. America Bay, Cowan Creek

Refuge Bay, Cowan Creek

Skink on Scribbly Gum, Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park

Busy scribbles by busy moth larvae

Wollemi Pine, Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park

Just outside Ku-Ring-Gai Nat. Park information centre.

Angophora costata with Xanthorrhoea semiplana(or australis?)
A lovely anchorage in Cowan Creek
Cowan Creek
Beautiful specimens of bottlebrush (Callistemon or Banksia...anyone?) on the way to Brooklyn.
Jerusalem Bay(Sorcerer is 2nd yacht on the left)

Me and Old Man Angophora

 Stand of Spotted Gum (Eucalyptus maculata) of state significance in Towlers Bay, Pittwater

View from youth hostel in Towlers Bay, Pittwater
After farewelling Broken Bay we headed off to Newcastle on 25th April, Anzac Day at 0600hrs with Jed and Jude. Had a great sail in 20-30kn WNW, 50 nautical miles. Tied up with Glenshiel at the public jetty. Newcastle...now thats another story.


  1. Great to read your latest instalment, Miff. You sound like you are really getting into the nomadic lifestyle!
    Wondering how long you're going to be spending in Newcastle and what is next on the agenda. Looking forward to what happens next ...
    ...Di and I leave Tassie three weeks from today; thinking of setting up a blog ourselves.

  2. hi miff,

    i love reading john and your blog. seeing the sydney harbour photo brought back all the butterflies i had in my tummy when i was there. looks like you are having the best time.
    stay safe.
    laura x

    1. Dear Laura, thanks so much for your comment, sorry for the delay. We're in Iluka at present waiting for weather to head North. Hope all is good with you, say hi to all. Going well here although lots of rain and changeable conditions. Take care xxMiff&John