Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Lakes Entrance to Eden

Finally got around to an update...

11th March we left Lakes Entrance 0915 on an outgoing tide. Very rapid ride between the breakwalls, over a couple of standing waves and out into Bass Straight heading East. We were greeted by an oily sea and gentle swell.

Glenshiel VII leaving Lakes Entrance across the bar

Old navigation techniques
 Motored for a couple of hours and around 1100 a nice little breeze from the SSW appeared. We think it was 10-15 kn(our instruments decided to stop functioning the night before we left...Murphy's Law!) Rounding Gabo Island at 0200 and with Green Cape light visible we had a good reference point and were heading North on the East Coast.

Boyds Tower  just south of the entrance to Eden
12th March we arrived in Twofold Bay, Eden at 0900. Jed and Jude were already tucked up and sleeping by the time we got there. We dropped anchor in Snug Cove, had a quick breakfast and slept for a couple of hours. 140nm in 24hours. Spent the next couple of days exploring Eden, swimming, walking and helped John remove all our ST50 wind and depth instruments yesterday(Friday 16th) and sent them off to Sydney. Most likely a 'Code Lock' problem(inbuilt security setup). Luckily we will manage with our charts and GPS/plotter between here and Sydney.

The elderly really know how to get around in style in Eden!
Two potential crew members...
...then word got around there was a free ride to the Pacific!
Serious splicing...

...serious fenders (these were for the navy ships that come into Ben Boyd Bay)
15th March John and Jed rode their bikes the 52km return trip to Merimbula while Jude and I caught the bus. Spent the day looking around there and headed back to Eden. Had a walk out to Boyds Tower for a look and took some snaps, discovering more history about the whaling in this area. Pretty gruesome.

Mr Boyd was very wealthy...

While waiting for whales the men used to play draughts. This stone was outside the tower.

...and thought so much of himself he put his name everywhere!
Inside the tower
Tucked into Ben Boyd Bay during a southerly buster and waited for good weather to head for Bermagui. From here we had a good view of Edrom Lodge and walked to Boyds Tower from here. Unfortunately the lodge looks straight out onto an enormous woodchip pile and quite often large ships wait at the industrial jetty to fill up. I couldn't bring myself to take a photo. I'm Tasmanian.
Edrom Lodge

Lots of logging in this area. Tourism working with industry? Really makes you want to go and stay there, doesn't it?

At least with all the heavy logging going on around the area, the locals are still happy!
Looking north from Boyds Tower across the bay to Eden.
An anticlinal fold just below the tower

Looking south from Boyds Tower
25th March 0700 headed north and had a beautiful sail in a 10-15kn(we think, without instruments) S SE all the way to Bermagui and arrived at the very respectable hour of 1445.

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