Thursday, 8 March 2012

...more of Gippsland Lakes

Well...we are continuing to endure the rain and strong wind here in East Gippsland. Although, there has been a bit of lassitude creeping in. We began at Lakes Entrance then to Metung where we encountred a mild case of shower block lassitude, followed by Paynesville, where despite our best efforts including spending a days budget buying used DVDs, it was obvious coffee shop lassitude was taking its toll. Now we are back at Lakes Entrance and rainy day lassitude is a real risk. We have been able to keep this ailment at bay by keeping ourselves busy. The day before yesterday(or was it the day before?) I made a cake, yesterday I cooked scones, today I decided to not eat so much so I painted my toenails. On the 7th, John and I got busy and made Lindsay(our daughter) a birthday greeting and sent it via email to her in Mexico. It worked so well we think we'll leave it there!

We were going to use the sail but the wind was too strong
 Actually, we had a beautiful walk yesterday over to the beach, part of 90 mile beach, to look at the surf and check out the bar.  The waves were great, crashing into shore and the Entrance bar looked very unfriendly. As always the beach is more than beautiful in the rough weather and you always feel like you have been renewed and energised after a walk in those conditions, especially with a ball of energy like Charlie.
A walk along 90 mile beach in the wild weather

Breakers coming in on 90 mile beach and further out

Michelle and Charlie on the beach

The sand dredge. This pumps sand from the Entrance and blows it clear of the opening.

Charlie (my 2nd favourite dog after Chester of course ...and Billie... and Lucy... and Lenny...and Bob...and Tiger)

The Team! Michelle, Jude, whats his name, Mark, Charlie and Jed

Michelle, Jude, she's with him, Mark, Charlie and Jed 
The photo I took of the bar when we first arrived is a very different picture from the one I took yesterday. It is not for us at the moment...

The bar

The way back from the walk takes you along the southern side of Lakes Entrance known as Cunninghame Arm. Along the narrow sandy beach you walk past remnants and remaining infrastructure of the 'New Works' which was based around the construction of the Entrance 100 years ago.

The buildings have changed very little in 100 years and some even remain in the same family  having been handed down through generations.

This is the reason we are still in Lakes Entrance-wind 35-45 kn around Eden

...combined sea and swell 6-7 metres! Yuk!

We may be leaving Saturday morning but we'll see...


  1. Ah bliss to travel the seas with a bordercollie!

  2. Even as a landlubber, I can say that I love your charts! ;-)
    Seriously, it sounds like you are having a great time.
    Looking forward to the next instalment ...

  3. G'day Miff & John
    Another super post.
    We were in Hobart last week, and it felt different being there without seeing you.
    With love to you both.
    Ross xx.
    PS Sad news about Lincoln Hall.

  4. Dear Ross, thanks for your comment. We are in a bit of shock at the moment. Hard to believe Lincoln has gone. It seemed to happen so quickly. Sad we weren't in Hobart to see you, we loved those catchups. Off to Batemans Bay in the morning. Starting our next blog tonight, we are a bit behind! Love to you and Viv, take care and stay in touch xxMiff and John