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 29th August

We had a beautiful sail to Airlie Beach from Thomas Island, 6 hours and 20 minutes. The lady in the marina thought it was hilarious that there was another Sorcerer so she thought it would be great if we could be side by side. Our little lady looks quite small next to the other one! We washed and shopped and did some maintenance on the dinghy and left for Hook Island early afternoon the following day. We spent the next four days having a look around the islands before collecting our dear friends Ahmet and Mel who flew into Hamilton Island on the 5th August. The photos here are a small collection of the hundreds that we snapped over the time Ahmet and Mel were with us. It was an amazing time and we learnt so much from them about fish and coral.

We might be skinnier and smaller but we have more fun!!

View north from summit of Whitsunday Peak. A beautiful walk through tropical rainforest from Cid Harbour.

View south from summit of Whitsunday Peak

Whitsunday Peak fungi (photo Mel)

Ahmet and Mel at Whitehaven Beach Whitsundays

It didn't take them long to get into the swing of things!

A Remora-he was fondly kissed and returned to the ocean

Mel and Ahmet on Border Island

Orchids-Border Island

Looking East at Deloraine Island from Border Island

Looking South - Border Island

We hired a 35yr old car to do some food shopping-I watched the road through a hole in the floor!!

Nara Inlet interpretation site

Ngaro artwork in Nara Inlet

Watching sea eagles (photo Ahmet)

Amazing rock patterns Nara Inlet

Looking South-Whitehaven to Chance Bay

Fruit on the track to Chance Bay (photo Mel)

This next collection of photos were taken on and around the Whitsunday Islands including some of Bait Reef, 35nm off the coast.

On the way to Bait Reef

This Giant Trevally was one of many that surrounded the boat when we arrived at Bait Reef. After initially feeling nervous, to swim with these beautiful, gentle creatures was awesome. We dived off the boat and they followed us around while we snorkeled and took photos.

Mel and friends-Bait Reef

 Maori Wrasse, Giant Trevally and Bat Fish-Bait Reef

John and friend-Bait Reef

Green Turtle-Bait Reef (photo Ahmet)

Nemo's (Anenome-fish)-photo Ahmet/Mel

Sorcerer, Ahmet, Mel and Miff-Luncheon Bay

The beautiful Derwent Hunter is now a charter boat here. She was built in Cygnet, Tasmania in the 1940's

John instructing Ahmet on how to do a Turks Head!

The evening before Ahmet and Mel left we were watching a large Humpback whale lying motionless a couple of hundred yards from the boat and we had heard about two weeks earlier that there was one injured around the islands. I was busy looking up the GBRMPA(Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority) phone number to tell them that we may have sighted the injured one again and we suddenly got the shock of our lives! Out of the blue shot this wee creature, a baby Humpback with two adults in close proximity. We stopped our engine because we weren't sure what direction they were wanting to go and the baby just went crazy leaping and splashing all around the boat. The close up photos show its eyes were closed so we were wondering if it had just been born or maybe feeding. Any case, it was a wonderful thing to see and a lovely parting note for Ahmet and Mel.

Mum and Midwife, perhaps?

Mum not far away



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