Sunday, 23 September 2012

Mackay to Airlie Beach

Sunday 26th August

We left Mackay and motor-sailed to Brampton Island-4 hours and 50 minutes. Had some more whale sightings in the distance. Arrived in Western Bay at dusk. Settled in for a good calm night in the anchorage. The next morning we moved around to the jetty anchorage and headed ashore for a walk around the island, about 8.5kms. The first part of the walk took us through the abandoned island resort. I haven't been able to find out what happened at Brampton but as far as I know the damage was not caused by Cyclone Yasi but it certainly looks like it. It was quite spooky walking through the resort and seeing everything is disrepair.

Approaching Brampton Island
Not all life had ceased in the resort-this fellow was having a lovely peaceful time

Resort front entrance

Room anyone?

How 'bout a swim then?

The pool looks a bit different in the brochure

I think the airstrip is still used but it was certainly not bustling
The walk continues past the resort and heads south east past Oak, Dinghy and Oyster Bay. There was beautiful bushland and abundant wildlife. Large kangaroos, goanna's, birds and I nearly stepped on a small green snake-the first snake I have seen on this trip. We stopped and had lunch at Dinghy Bay West.

Looking south east to Echo Point, Oak Bay

Green Ant nest
Looking south east across Dinghy Bay to Relief Point with Scawfell Island in the distance
A very healthy Brampton Island local
A very fancy jetty to receive and farewell the visitors that not longer come except the occasional cruiser


Tuesday 28th August

Brampton to Thomas Island. Left Brampton in a 10-20kn Southeasterly and goose-winged all the way to Thomas Island. Arrived about 1 30pm in a beautiful anchorage off two small beaches. Went ashore with snorkelling gear but water quite cloudy and visibility not so good, so we were satisfied with a lovely swim. John climbed halfway up the hill and found thick scrub so didn't get to the top but took photos from where he stopped.

Our anchorage on Thomas Island(that's us on the right)

Looking north from Thomas Island at Keyser and Shaw Islands and the beginning of the central Whitsundays 

Lindeman Island with Seaforth Island in foreground
Whoops...just got the tail end of that one!  

Wednesday 29th August
Had a delightful sail to Airlie Beach from Thomas Island, 6hrs 20mins. It was good to be finally amongst the Whitsunday Islands.

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  1. Good to hear from you, Miff and John.
    It looks like your idyllic odyssey continues.
    Lovely pics again. I didn't know about the current state of the Brampton Island resort. Ho hum.
    I hope you are both super duper well. Vivienne and I are.
    With love from us both to you both.
    Ross. xx