Saturday, 18 February 2012

Preservation Island to Killiecrankie

Passing Mt Chappell Island
Just a word about the islands here...the Furneaux Group have been heavily farmed and grazed over the years by settlers and now there are rehabilitation programs in progress on some of them which is great, however they still remain beautiful in a rugged and windswept kind of way. Just on Chappell there has been introduced cats, house mice, rats, sheep and common starlings. However, amongst other native reptiles the Tiger Snake is very abundant!

Strzelecki Peaks from Franklin Sound
With a NNE due at 20knts we decided to move on  from Preservation Island. The low lying islands don't provide much shelter in stronger winds.  Headed for Lady Barron hoping to make the most of the tidal flow into Franklin Sound. It was not to be, we completely mucked it up and ended up taking 7 hours instead of 2, going against tide and wind. Finally arriving in Lady Barron we picked up a Tasports mooring which was big enough for both boats to hang off. From there we spent the day doing domestic stuff(washing etc...some things never change). Headed to the jetty for fresh water on our way out next day. After 2 attempts with a 15knt breeze abeam and strong tide we managed to tie up with Glenshiel rafting up. Filled the tanks and left without too much damage to body or boat! Headed out of Franklin Sound, tide with us this time and had a beautiful sail in a 15-20knot ESE breeze. We spent a blowy night in North Bay. Because of the exposure did not go walking and decided to head on up to Killiecrankie where we have just spent two delightful days.
Our 3rd crew member, Fifi(Fleming wind vane steering) doing what she loves best on the way to Killiecrankie.

A happy reunion with Killie friends Rhaurie and Mark
The 'sleeping pharaoh' in Killiecrankie Bay  

Had a lovely walk with Jed and Jude along the Killiecrankie Beach when we arrived while John did some maintenance in the lazarette. The next morning caught up with friends at the local cafe and made plans to head to Deal Island the next day.

Great! I found where all the water is getting in!


  1. Hi, guys. Grey and drizzly, just like in Mole Creek today. Your pics are great. Hope you're doing well. Lots of love. xx

  2. So wonderful to follow your trip through your descriptions and amazing photos. Love from us