Sunday, 5 February 2012

Departing Hobart

After a week of goodbyes to family, friends and colleagues we (Miff & John), slipped out of Kings Pier Marina, our home port for the last 5 years on Sorcerer in company with Jed and Jude, on Glenshiel VII. In an almost overwhelming farewell, dockside, filled with laughter, tears, best wishes for safe travels and promises of rendezvous on foreign shores we took to the Derwent at about 12.45pm. After a lively sail in 15-25kn NE we dropped anchor 5.00pm in the safe harbour of Nubeena for a cosy night.
Last farewells

final sailpast

crossing Storm Bay


  1. your dedicated trip monitor has just purchased a BIG box of coloured pins and I have only just put in the first ones !

  2. Hey whats happening at the Helm? we are bored to stiffness and missing you DSU not the same and never will be! Have been having fabulous cloud formations are you experiencing them as well! Cheers Gina N